Replacing wood with plastic wood

Plastic wood has become a material increasingly used in multiple areas of construction, thereby replacing traditional wood.

By using plastic wood you prevent thousands of trees from being felled every day, but also allow a percentage of more than 95% of waste to be reused, saving billion litres of water and million kilos of plastic.

The usability of this material is wide and can be implemented for all types of construction; patios, terraces, fencing, flooring to give a more aesthetic touch and privacy to these places.

What makes it possible for plastic wood to be used in this way?  There are several factors, but mainly there are 3 fundamental ones: its firmness, equal to that offered by natural wood; its durability, which can be for decades; and that it does not require maintenance, since it supports different adverse climatic conditions.

The versatility, sustainability and durability of plastic wood are a great product in tune with the environment.….😊